About me

Sergey David Ioffe (heb. סרגיי דוד יופה) director of web design in user experience, product management, digital marketing, e-commerce, creativity and design, project management, business consulting,  etc.

Digital business, marketing, design, graphics, UI/UX, web development, software, studio, agency are the main topics of my work. I write, talk, blog, teach about design trends, digital transformation,  AI/ML, creativity.

I like to work in my studio, being a project director, business consultant or even a friend. I was starting as a software engineer and web designer in the early 00s.

My work experience as web developer, designer and digital marketing consultant is 5+ years. It’s a lead web designer level. I’m also a front-end developer, senior graphic designer, brand manager, digital product manager, digital strategy consultant, digital marketing manager, writer, creative director and interpersonal coach.

I endorse nice creativity and clever ux design. I’m sure it helps to solve tasks better and easier.

Sergey David is a double name. Friends and colleagues call me either Sergey or David (Dave).


  • 2016 Artist of Israel
  • A few other mentions and awards as artist and designer at international exhibitions and design-related websites.


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